1 lipstick, 5 uses! | ap7am

2022-07-30 09:51:41 By : Ms. Sarah Gao

Lipstick is the simplest makeup product to use. It's the first product that people choose when they first start wearing makeup. Did you know that you can use one lipstick in so many different ways? It's game changing, time saving, and equally cost effective. You can get a lot out of a single lipstick. Slow ride is a lip shade by Nars that is so versatile, it's a perfect nude which suits all skin tones beautifully, it's super pigmented, and it's easy to blend. Eyeshadow base You can use a lipstick that complements your skin tone to add instant freshness and colour to your eyes. Simply go over it with your finger tips and finish with mascara to complete the look. Cheek tint It's common knowledge that lipsticks make excellent blush. You can use any colour of lipstick as a cream blush; just make sure to set it with a powder. Jawline contour Begin by drawing two lines from your ear and blending the contour upwards. This colour is a perfect cool toned brownish nude with seamless lips. Nose contour The lipstick is a super blender, and the texture makes it easier to apply the product and contour the nose, which you can blend out with a damp beauty blender. Colour corrector Another way to use your lipstick is as a colour corrector. You can use any red lipstick in your kit to conceal dark circles and pigmentation under the eyes, then layer it with your concealer, and you won't need a separate colour corrector. Any blue/green pigmentation is cancelled out by the red undertones. Lipstick is a truly magical product that is always a girl's favourite. Lipstick is everyone's go-to for a quick make-up look, regardless of gender. Lipstick adoration is unfathomable, and what better way to express it than by making the most of it?