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Why would you want to sell your catalytic converter? There may come a time when you’re glad to get rid of your catalytic converter because it won’t do the work you need it for. The catalytic converter is the most expensive part of a car due to the material it is made of, i.e., platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Prices for catalytic converters can vary depending on who buys them, so if you want to sell yours, you’ll want to find the best price for your scrap catalytic converter. Here, we’ll talk about when you should sell your converter and how to get the best price.

Modern cars have a number of parts in their exhaust systems that help control emissions and make them better for the environment. A catalytic converter is one of these parts. Being an essential part of the exhaust system, It helped many car companies meet the requirements of the National Emissions Standards Act. High Flow Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices By Serial Number | Full Guide – Engineerine

The catalytic converter is on the bottom of a car, and it looks like a big metal box. It has two pipes that come out of it. The converter uses these two pipes and the catalyst to make the gases safe to let out. A ” catalyst ” chamber is used in a catalytic converter to change harmful compounds in an engine’s exhaust into safe gases like steam. It works to break apart the dangerous molecules in the gases that a car makes and turn them into less harmful gas before they go into the air through the output pipe.

It is recommended that you utilize a mobile app or a web-based application to determine the scrap value of your catalytic converters based on the serial number. Most people use ConverterDatabase or Eco Cat to find out how much your catalytic converter scrap is worth.

The most common catalytic converters from well-known automotive brands are listed here.

If you need help finding the price of your vehicle’s catalytic converter, here are the steps you can follow to find the value of your car’s catalytic converter by yourself.

Be mindful that not all serial numbers are located in the same spot or have the same format. Various combinations of letters and numerals are used. In short, the engraving you’re seeking consists of a series of characters, some of which are numbers and others letters, and their lengths fluctuate. Although the EPA mandates catalytic converters for all new vehicles, manufacturers are not obligated to include serial numbers.

Once you get the serial number of the catalytic converter, use it to look up its scrap value in a database. The scrap value of your Toyota catalytic converter is easily determined using its serial number. As we have discussed, Ecotrade’s converter price software (aka Eco Cat) and ConverterDatabase are the most convenient tools for this task. The current price of rhodium, palladium, and platinum can be retrieved from this database.

You can use a camera app to snap a snapshot of the serial number if you can’t read it or don’t want to bother. Some software does have an option where you can upload the Image of your catalytic converter, and the software will read the serial number by itself, i.e., Eco Cat. You can obtain an instant price estimate as you upload the photo.

Depending on the make and type of vehicle, the catalytic converter serial number may be stamped or carved into the metal of the converter’s body. Sometimes, it’s on a metal plate welded to the converter’s main body. Here we’ll discuss the location of catalytic converters for some of the most well-known vehicle brands.

Since the same parent company produces Hyundai and Kia, the catalytic converters are likely to be labeled similarly. You can always count on a smooth experience from a Hyundai or Kia. The short length of their serial numbers (often between 3 and 5 characters) facilitates swift finding and quoting. However, many serial numbers are on the catalytic converter’s removable outer shield, so keep an eye out for them.

We’ve seen a lot of different types, sizes, and grades of catalytic converters made by Ford. Ford usually puts a long, hard-to-read serial number on the catalytic converter. They like to have serial numbers with 9–14 digits that are usually split into three parts. These different arts can make it hard for you to find the correct code. It’s best to send all of the catalytic converter’s parts so that quotes can be made more quickly.

Most catalytic converters are labeled the same across all of General Motors’ brands, whether you have a Chevy, GMC, or Cadillac. The serial code is usually made up of eight numbers on the plate. Most GM cars have at least 2-4 catalytic converters, but some only have one. When looking for the serial numbers on GM cars, they are usually stamped or etched on the main shield or one of the corners of the catalytic converter. We recommend using steel wool to search for these numbers, as GM is known for producing few secondary shields.

Toyota, one of the most well-known names in the automotive industry, has produced an incredible number of different models over the years. Almost all Toyota catalytic converters, regardless of model, will have a serial number imprinted on them; this number will typically have five digits. It contains a combination of letters and digits. Some serial numbers will have either an “L” or an “R” after them.

When dismantling Sabaru’s catalytic converter, you’ll see that these vehicles typically have two catalytic converters: the first is more compact, while the second resembles a bean. On one of the corners will be a number that has been stamped. It generally looks like this: FCFH4 3712 SK.

Despite being one of the most valuable brands on the market, Honda’s technology for the catalytic converter is quite subpar and insufficient. Only a few have numbers stamped on them, but most don’t. This makes it more difficult for scrappers to understand, and at the same time, it makes things more complex. On them are printed a limited quantity of numbers.

When it comes to identifying catalytic converters, Chrysler and Dodge do not adhere to a consistent pattern. However, it ought to be stamped somewhere around the cat’s edges. There is a possibility that the serial number will be reduced. In a few instances, such as CLLC524AEB, it is significantly longer. In other instances, it’s something really straightforward, like the number 8H.

Volkswagen’s method of identifying and naming its catalytic converters is distinctive. 

However, like Ford, Volkswagen uses a combination of letters and numbers for the serial numbers on their cat converters. You will often discover a combination of nine numerals and one to three letters, all separated by spaces. As an illustration, the serial number might read as 824 313 901 H. In that case, it can be combined with a code like 6k2 353 908 H.

The catalytic converter may have been removed from your vehicle if it has a modified exhaust system. Although it is against the law to not have a cat, there are alternative choices that may be made in its stead that can be utilized. If you put an aftermarket exhaust on your vehicle, you will notice an airflow increase and a performance bump. The replacement converter needs to be tagged with a serial number of some kind, but it is highly unlikely that it will adhere to the standards set forth by the vast majority of OEM cats.

Take a look at this YouTube video to have a better idea about how you can find the serial number of your car’s catalytic converter.

Which catalytic converter scrap fetches the best price?

Generally, catalysts that include a significant amount of the precious metals palladium and rhodium get the highest price when sold as scrap. Cars with pricey catalytic converters include the Ferrari F430, Dodge RAM 2500, and Ford 250.

What is the average scrap value of a catalytic converter?

Since precious metals are used to make it, this part is one of the most expensive parts of a car. Most catalytic converters are worth between $300 and $1,500 as scrap metal.

Who buys catalytic converters at the highest price?

Scrap yards are the best place to sell your catalytic converter because they will look at the value of the metals in it instead of the value of the catalytic converter as an auto part.

How can you tell the difference between aftermarket and original catalytic converters?

By looking at them, it’s easy to tell the difference between aftermarket and original converters. If the catalytic converter has a silver metal case with an arrow on it, it is usually an aftermarket part. The arrow shows the right direction for installation based on how air flows.

Are aftermarket catalytic converters worth anything?

The most apparent advantage of an aftermarket catalytic converter is saving money. You can save more than 80% of the price of a new catalytic converter by purchasing a used one, which typically costs less than $200 and can go as low as $60 in some cases.

How much does a GM catalytic converter cost?

Prices for GM catalytic converters are pretty high at around $1000. On the other hand, the value of the scrap is too low and not getting any closer. So, if you want to sell it as scrap, you can get between $97 and $127 for a small GM catalytic converter. You’ll get the most up-to-date information if you try to find out how much a GM catalytic converter is worth as scrap by its serial number.

Do OEM catalytic converters come with serial numbers?

Stamped onto the metal of OEM converters are identifying marks such as the business name or logo, in addition to other distinguishing characteristics like serial numbers.

Do older catalytic converters have a higher value than newer ones?

If you sell the original catalytic converter for scrap metal, you might get more money than if you bought a used one. This is because the original parts have more precious metals than aftermarket ones.

How much is the scrap value of a Toyota catalytic converter?

When sold as scrap, a Toyota catalytic converter can be worth between $75 and $700. The value of a catalytic converter can change based on the make and model of the car. The Toyota Prius has some of the most valuable catalytic converters.

How many serial numbers does a catalytic converter have?

Some automobiles, such as Toyotas, have serial numbers that only contain three digits. In contrast, other automobiles, such as Fords, might have serial numbers that have anything from nine to fourteen digits. The serial numbers on these items are composed of a combination of letters and numbers.

As we’ve discussed, it’s easy to find out how much the catalytic converter is worth on the market using different apps and websites. You need to look for the serial number and the price online. You should now be able to figure out how much your scrap catalytic converter from any car model is worth.

For a more accurate quote, you will need to find out more about your catalytic converter. You can try multiple platforms to see if one company will give you more than the others. If you don’t want to move it or deal with the hassle, you can post it online as scrap metal, and someone will pick it up and give you some of the money. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices By Serial Number | Full Guide – Engineerine

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